This is a look at Silent Venom, Krista Allen’s role in the movie and some photos and a video clip. Readers can post comments and reviews here also.

Silent Venom (2009)

The plot for Silent Venom (aka Recoil) might seem like a good idea in some ways but you can judge for yourself when the movie is released on DVD June 2nd, 2009. Basically, the idea is for a retired submarine to be taken to its final port without incident. However, the journey in the Pacific Ocean sees the crew trying to keep the sub’s travels silent along the way while an enemy fleet searches from above.

It does not end there, though, of course. A female scientist, named Dr. Andrea Swanson (played by Krista Allen), and her foolish male sidekick assistant, Jake (Louis Mandylor), needed to be rescued from an island on which they were conducting genetic experiments with snakes.

By now you have probably worked out the rest and so this is hardly spoiling anything from here. Yes, the researchers bring some of their little “pets” aboard the submarine and the ensuing mayhem begins when they get loose.

The racket that Dr. Swanson’s sidekick makes while fending off snakes ensures that the sound of metal hitting metal attracts the attention of the fleet in the waters above. It is then fun for one and all in the sub when the action really heats up :) You really need to see it to appreciate all that.

The movie has a cast of familiar faces with Luke Perry in the lead role and Krista is right behind him in the closing credits (pity her name was not first). Tom Berenger also makes an appearance in several scenes.

Krista well and truly shines, though, above all others in this move and she is the main reason to watch it. It is certainly one of her better roles and her acting was spot on and she looked beautiful. There is even a scene in which she has snakes all over her. Excellent work, as usual, from her!

Photos and your comments/review

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Bone to pick :)

Hey guys at, Krista’s surname in your review (that I saw today) is not “Campbell” (unless she got married and I was not aware). Every other reviewer seems to be aware that the sexiest babe on the planet, as I still call her to this day, is Krista Allen. Do not forget it!!!!

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Video clip

You can watch the first 5 minutes of the movie and see Krista in action in some of the first scenes via this YouTube clip below.