This is a sneak peak at Krista Allen in two episodes of Dirty Sexy Money (DSM) for those that live in North America. ABC has scheduled the remaining episodes for Saturdays at 10/9c for four weeks starting July 18th, 2009 and the DVD of series 2 will be available from late August. You can see some photos of Krista in two of these episodes and find out more about her character in this news article.

Krista Allen’s appearances in DSM are in episodes 12 and 13 of series 2 and these are scheduled for the first two weeks of August this year from August 1st. The episodes have aired in recent months in Sweden, The Netherlands, Australia, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and other countries, including some Spanish-speaking ones in which the lady providing the voice for Krista’s character sounds a bit older (could be seen as good or not so good).

But if you live in North America and cannot wait but would like to see how gorgeous Krista looks in the role of “Dana” you can see photos in the gallery in this album. She is super stunning in episode 12 in particular.

Krista stars along with John Schneider, playing “Congressman Charles Whatley” and Billy Baldwin who plays Patrick “Darling IV”. Krista is the Congressman’s wife, “Dana Whatley”.

Dana and the Congressman have a little arrangement in their marriage. It leads to an amusing situation where she goes after Patrick, who is initially shocked by this classy lady’s moves and how sexy she really is.

What happens next is for you to see when the episodes air. Krista features reasonably heavily in episode 12 and that is certainly the one to watch. She is in only a few scenes in episode 13. Photos from both episodes are in the gallery.

Episode guide

Ep 12 – 1 Aug 2009 – “The Unexpected Arrival”

“Simon provides Nola with a solution to her problems. Nick finds out that Karen is pregnant with Simon Elder’s baby. Andrea kicks Brian out of their house because she finds out that he had traveled to DC hoping for a tryst with his ex-wife. The Bio-fuel partnership between Tripp and Simon is finalized.” Source: Wikipedia DSM Episodes.

Ep 13 – 8 Aug 2009 – “The Bad Guy”

“After an attack, Simon recovers in the Imperial and finally tells Nick his motivations for dealing with the Darlings, leading to a surprise confession about Nick’s father. Meanwhile, Lisa publicizes a tell-all book about the Darlings which may damage the family name. Karen suffers a miscarriage but embarks on a long-overdue relationship with Nick.” Source: Wikipedia DSM Episodes.

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