YogaCo has a new yoga teacher: Krista! Yay!!!! Yes she is now a Yogi, or I probably should refer to her by the correct terminology for a female yogi: a “yogini”. Krista the yogini! Having said that ….

I call her a yogini but such a person is considered to be one that is at a point of enlightenment through practising yoga. Krista may not quite fit that definition just yet but she is certainly officially a yoga instructor as of August 16, 2009! It was a very proud day for her after 200 hours of hard work and study since June. I’m so thrilled for her and congratulate her!

Krista tweeted to someone yesterday: “I did a 10 week course …. It was a lot of work .. but totally worth it … just like most things!!”

Once again she has demonstrated that if you work at it with lots of focus you can succeed. She is so inspiring to me and I’m very proud of her today!