The box office estimates indicate that The Final Destination will easily grab the number 1 spot for the weekend’s gross takings. Here is a brief review of the movie and some box office takings estimates.

Krista Allen as "MILF/Samantha" in the salon scene in The Final Destination

Krista’s scenes

I will not spoil it too much but Krista is at the start of the movie and watch what her character uses as ear plugs :) But, if you think that is the last of her character then think again.

She is seen just a little while later and then in the salon scene that the publicity photos show (and in the collage above). All her scenes are in the first half hour or so but do not walk out in protest, hang around for the rest of the movie :)

I suppose some of her scenes are okay in 3D, so if you can see it in 3D then try it. Failing that, wait until the DVD is out in December and use a projection screen at home if you have one or know someone that does. Warner has plans to release the movie on Blu-ray Disc on December 22nd if you really want an experience watching this.

Brief review

The Final Destination is a shorter movie than many and most internet movie forum users had already worked out the death sequences of the main characters weeks ago. Disappointing then?

I will admit it is a bit tame for what is supposed to be a horror movie and it is quite predictable. I had hoped that there would be an element of surprise in more scenes in the movie but there were very few of those times unfortunately. You will understand why when you see it.

I would definately recommend seeing the movie just for Krista and if you can get to a cinema that is screening it in 3D (and not all are) then you might enjoy it more. Let us face it, there is nothing better than seeing Krista Allen in 3D :) Overall, the movie is not too bad and I can see why it has done well at the box office so far. If I were a serious movie critic I would give it about 6 out of 10 but because Krista is in it and was great I will give it an extra point :)

A few other pointers ;)

The girl in the sex scene, for those wanting to know, is Gabrielle Chapin, I understand (pics of that scene will no doubt be in the usual sites soon enough – like ‘Celebrity Movie Archive’).

The lessons to be learnt in this movie?

1. Stay away from guys that see things because accidents have a habit of happening sometimes. I will not explain that or it might spoil it a bit for anyone that has not worked it out by now.

2. Given the box office estimates (below) for this weekend, it appears that Krista Allen in a big screen movie equals number 1 (hint, hint Hollywood. Hello??)!

Great job Krista!!!

Box office estimates from Box Office Mojo:


1. The Final Destination $10,925,000
2. Halloween 2 (2009) $7,625,000
3. Inglourious Basterds $5,900,000

Gross weekend estimates:

Screening in 3,121 cinemas, it looks like the gross takings for this weekend are going to be $28,335,000, easily putting FD4 at number one.

Your opinion?

Have you seen FD4? What did you think of it? Did you like Krista’s scenes? Post a comment below if you like?