I am pleased to inform Krista’s fans that she recently married Mams Taylor! Yay! Here is the “real scoop” about it all.

How the word got around

Okay, so unless you’ve been living under a rock this week, you probably heard earlier in the week that Krista got married on the weekend to Mams Taylor. A gossip web site, Radar Online, used the following Facebook status post by Krista’s hubby:

“10.10.10 was a beautiful day I will remember forever! My wife and I got married in a ceremony with just her mom and son (step son-Jake) and my nephew!”

“So HAPPY and GRATEFUL! Bigger celebration to follow!”

He did not give them the quote like they said, it was lifted by someone in his friends list and sent to the gossip site. From there, other gossip sites published almost identical articles. Surprisingly, there are very few articles around about the news (nothing on TMZ.com or Perez Hilton’s site, for example). Not even the Clooney’s Cookie Crumbs brigade had much to say, surprisingly, but there were a few posts in his imdb.com forum. Yawn!!!

But, in a sign of how sad the society we live in still is – where a famous guy is used for headlines instead of the female subject of the story – Radar Online just had to associate pretty boy with their article, to get readers through the blog search sites. And not to be outdone, The Hollywood Gossip did too, plus they mentioned that Krista’s notable credits include “borderline soft porn” (another way to get hits to their web site). But it was nice of them to mention: “You can catch Krista on an upcoming episode of Life Unexpected, the popular new CW series!” So that’s a better article for that part at least.

So, while the public posted their usual criticism of Krista in their reader comments, and some about Mams, Bump Shack summed up some of the criticism of him in various blogs with the comment: “What the heck did Krista see in Mams? I don’t get it. The 39 year-old is a beautiful woman. She could have any man she wanted. Mams must have an incredible “personality”.” Well, he does, otherwise Krista probably wouldn’t have given him the time of day ordinarily, so go figure!

The story behind it all and the wedding

Here is some of what I have known about the relationship since it began but had to keep quiet about it for 13 months (sorry readers, I wanted to respect Krista’s privacy). Obviously I’m only going to blab basic information that Krista will not mind (or if she does she’ll shoot me later), and if you wish to read up on the Iranian-British rapper she married and what his deal is he has a MySpace and there are a few other sites with information about him. Basically, he is currently a music producer, the creator of rUnK and he has some of his own rUnK music freely available for download on torrent sites (he put it there) and there are YouTube videos of his music.

Here’s the “exclusive” that no gossip site can get :) It all began back in August last year around the time of the premiere of Krista’s last movie ‘Final Destination 4′. She met him at one of his gigs and the sparks flew instantly. She was just about to change agents and managers and take time off from acting and spend more time on yoga teaching (all of which she did end up doing). Fast forward through the quiet times since then and they managed to keep their relationship mostly private until someone blabbed earlier in the week. Some of Krista’s fans in the chat area of this site wondered if she was dating him when they noticed a few loved up Twitter posts between the two of them last year – but it still remained a well kept secret because there was no definite public confirmation of the relationship. But, after a year of being engaged the couple obviously got hitched on the weekend and the secret was soon out.

The wedding, as Mams indicated in his Facebook status post, was just a small one. There were only a few family members present. I would like to publicly wish Krista and Mams all the best! Congratulations!!!

So there you go, that’s the basics. I’ve kept this secret all this time and intended to for as long as required. But some people just can’t help themself, it’s human nature, and they blabbed to a gossip web site. There is no point in me keeping quiet any longer so there’s the real “scoop”.

I had problems in the chat area of this site late last year with a lunatic who couldn’t get past Krista’s past and her relationship with pretty boy. This nut of a critic of Krista’s swore that Krista and George would get back together forever. You don’t know how much I wanted to shut that nonsense down by outing Krista’s engagement to Mams. But I kept it all under control, luckily. Epic effort, methinks, if I do say so myself :) Phew!!

Next up

So, Krista has some TV roles coming up soon (one is a guest star role on the new NBC comedy “Love Bites”) and you can read about the other one and also what she has being doing since late last year in the previous post here.

And by the way, I bought krista-taylor.com a year ago and still own it for Krista’s future use. That’ll keep the weirdos that buy domains for “alternative” uses away from that one :)

Anyway, Go Krista!!!

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Between being newly wed & a new role on ‘Life Unexpected’, this will be Krista Allen’s best year