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Krista Allen:
The classic tale of a rise
to Hollywood fame.

L. Ramsay
Webmaster of KristaNet
September 2000
(more added in December 2002 at bottom of page)


Her story is a classic Hollywood tale of a rise from obscurity to worldwide fame. From a shy teenage model to kindergarten teacher to star of the small and big screen, Krista Allen has more than demonstrated the talent she possesses, in a career that has boomed in just a few short years, and she hasn't even turned thirty yet (that will come in 2002). She is widely regarded as being one of the world's most beautiful ladies with stunning beauty and, if you'll excuse the mention of this, the hottest body in the world, according to many. Talent and beauty - you can't go wrong and Krista has "exploited" these attributes to the fullest. It is truly one of the greatest, movie-like stories you'll ever hear or read about so I invite you to read on and enjoy this classic tale.


Krista was born in Ventura, California on April 5th, 1972, but she grew up in Houston, Texas. Her stunning beauty, and that body, is a result of Portuguese and Irish ancestry and of course the Texan influence. Texas is where some of the world's most beautiful ladies come from. While most ladies seem to become more beautiful with age, often from the 30s and beyond, Krista had a more "mature" beauty in her early 20s and that is meant in a nice way. Even today (in September, 2000 when this was written) she is still considered to be a stunning lady that would bring a man to his knees upon one glimpse of her beauty, and with age she will only be more beautiful. This is the whole key to the story behind her Hollywood success!

The story begins

This story largely starts when Krista was a teenager but perhaps the experience of her parents divorce when she was young had a little to do with it also. She grew up with a shy personality and as a teen decided to give modeling a try, to boost her confidence and breakout of the shy shell. Soon a deal with Budweiser came and this would sow the seeds of her future Hollywood success. As the national "Bud Girl" she would gaze out of billboards, calendars and posters, television commercials, and magazines and newspapers. The experience and taste of fame stayed with her after high school while she studied at the University of Texas, where she majored in education with a minor in drama. For the year after graduating from college she worked as a kindergarten teacher but she soon tired of this. Perhaps she had a longing in her heart to heed the call of her birth state, which was calling her "home" to California. The taste of fame was still there so at age 22 Krista made the sort of life decision that few risk averse, or even some adventurous, persons would.

With a desire to see what might happen Krista said goodbye to the job, her family, and Texas. She hit the open road on a journey that would become a classic tale in itself, as well as one that would confirm to Krista that she was destined to return to her birth state, California. Like a story line out of a movie(1) the open road brought with it the feelings of liberation and also a hoarse voice, from singing along with the car radio to such songs as "I Will Survive". In Nevada she ran low on cash but as luck and fate would have it she won $2500 on the slots in Vegas. She continued to California and arrived in Los Angeles where she met her hairdresser and soon-to-be friend Denise. Luckily for Krista, Denise knew a manager and introduced her to him. His name - Marv Dauer!

Marv seems to have a sixth sense and exquisite taste in beauty! He secured Krista's first job, as an actor, without even a tape or much experience on Krista's part. Beauty goes a long way in Hollywood so the obvious choice of a role for Krista was as 'Shelley' on 'The Bold and The Beautiful'. Krista landed this role within days of blowing into town and from there she rapidly added other roles to her portfolio of work (see filmography). Over the following year or so Krista appeared on numerous television shows and in an "eye-popping" movie series. The culmination of this year was a small but hilarious role (as we saw in out-takes) with Jim Carrey in the movie 'Liar Liar'. Everyone has a reason for remembering this movie. For some it might have been nearly wetting themselves with laughter, especially because they consumed a few beverages beforehand and forgot to use the bathroom, prior to seeing Jim crack the audience up. For others it may have been that and of course Krista in the elevator scene.

Some were expecting bigger things from there on at least as far as movies go (she had also appeared in a few others prior to this - see filmography page link above). However, a small role in 'Raven' followed which starred Burt Reynolds and Matt Battaglia (who would shine with Krista in her next role also). An unexpected turn of events, from the fan's point of view at least, followed 'Raven' with a big announcement coming out of the set of 'Days of Our Lives'. Krista had been snapped up for the role of 'Billie Reed' who was previously played by Lisa Rinna (see Days page for photos of Krista as 'Billie'). The producer reportedly said at the time that "it's not just that Krista Allen can do it all: smoulder, seduce, tickle and's that she makes it all look so natural. For her, acting is as straightforward and real as drinking a glass of water."(1) High praise indeed and Krista made the role her own and gave it a whole new dimension that only she could.

So 1995 and part of 1996 had passed and with Krista firmly in the grasp of Hollywood, giving her financial stability for a few more years at least, she was ready for the next big step in life - a male companion. This is another classic part of her life story! Remember Denise, mentioned earlier? Well once again she just happened to know someone Krista could "benefit" from meeting! With Denise being the matchmaker Krista met a fim producer by the name of Justin Moritt at a restaurant. As the story went (1), Justin was working on 'Eraser' which starred big Arnie and Vanessa Williams. Arnold was having dinner with Justin et al and because it was a private shindig the two ladies had to send Justin a note to come out to the bar to meet them. Fortunately he did and took them back to his table. Their meeting may have been a little uncomfortable but later that night, after leaving, Krista couldn't get Justin out of her mind, and likewise with him.

A full two days later he called her and after a five month courtship the lovely young couple were married on September 14th, 1996 (this biography was completed and uploaded on the same date in 2000 coincidentally). Within weeks Krista discovered that she was with child. She decided that if it was a girl she might call it Katie and if a boy - Jacob Nolan. True to her word, and with obviously little argument from Justin, about the name, a baby boy named Jacob Nolan was born on July 12th, 1997. Prior to this Krista was feeling fantastic and saying that she had "found peace and happiness and love in L.A., where there's so much animosity and craziness."(1) She basically found her life there she said, and with a baby to top it off it was all confirmation that she had made the right decision a few short years earlier, when she made the move out west.

Since 1997 and the birth of her son, Krista's life has got better and better, with only the odd unfortunate happening or two along the way. She plodded along in Days for a few more years and, in 1999, she decided not to renew her contract, giving her a new start in life. Her marriage reportedly hit the rocks sadly, not long after, but as a single mother she has continued to find plenty of work in Hollywood - a town that seems to reward the risk takers. In late '99, she appeared in a pilot television movie called 'Avalon: Beyond the Abyss' and then in a movie called 'Sunset Strip', which was scheduled for a 2000 release.

Strangely the plot for this movie is set in 1972. Given that this author is the same age as Krista, it may be a little bizarre to watch it knowing that we were both born that year - the year her character will be an adult living in '72. Maybe that isn't so strange to some but that's movies for you, you're adult character can live in a year that you were only just born in, in real life. Anyway, late 1999 also saw an apparently re-cut version of some of the 'Emmanuelle' movies re-released as a movie called 'Emmanuelle: First Contact'. In early 2000 there was an appearance on the 'X Files' and she found regular work in 2000 on 'Baywatch Hawaii', which could have been 'Baywatch Australia' if negotiations hadn't soured.

So it is September 14th, 2000, at the time of completing this biography. There have been magazine and other appearances this year, to keep Krista in the public eye, outside 'Baywatch', and things are lookin' up! Who knows what life will bless this beauty with from now on, and from here, until any next installments in this bio are added, you can follow it in the filmography. One thing we do know is that she has been blessed so far and will no doubt continue to be for years to come and the fans will be watching with interest!

God bless Krista! If she didn't make the choices she has so far in life, we would be unaware that a fine Texan beauty walks this life with us!


© 2000, L Ramsay. All rights reserved.


Krista Allen.
The fame level begins
to build (2001 and 2002).

L. Ramsay
Webmaster of KristaNet
December 2002

With an appearance on CSI in late 2000, Krista began to add to her body of work by appearing on popular TV shows and she certainly got noticed more as a result. A few online chats followed at and and one promoted a hair care product. Her hair was quite a topic of discussion at the time as she had slashed it short then later grew it longer and dyed it blonde.

This was for a role in the movie 'Totally Blonde' in early 2001, which received a limited Stateside release in mid December but went to video, mostly in Europe later in 2001, at the same time that it was out on the big screen Stateside. So that didn't help much and it was back to TV roles and magazine shoots.

She had made another couple of appearances on CSI in early 2001 before starting work on 'Totally Blonde' which had wrapped by June and by then her role on Baywatch Hawaii had come to an end due to the show's axing. Men's magazine, Stuff, ranked her at number 22 on their list of the "World's Sexiest Ladies" (she would later move to number 9 in late 2002). Obscure mags like 'Bold', in March 2001, and the next month, 'theOne' also interviewed her. She also managed to squeeze in a role in 'Face Value' which went straight to video and screened on TV in parts of Europe later.

So things weren't going that well in the first half of 2001, as far as building recognition went, it was a slow year until September (which is discussed in the next paragraph). Her X-Files action doll didn't get released as expected this year (it was canned in 2002). Apparently a calendar of Krista photos was due out sometime in 2001 also but as of late 2002 had not eventuated. To top it all off, Krista was being considered for the role of "Elektra" in the 2003 release - 'Daredevil', but not surprisingly a more bankable star was chosen - Jennifer Garner from TV's 'Alias'. At least Krista was getting a little recognition still and things started looking up from there.

The latter half of 2001 was more about laying the groundwork for the next few years. In late 2001 she had made TV appearances on 'Arli$$', 'Spin City', 'Inside Schwartz' and 'Friends', so 2001 was a mixed year. It was probably the appearances she made on 'Charmed' though in September and October of 2001 that helped to win these roles and some more in 2002.

The WB called her in for an appearance on the short-lived 'Glory Days' in early 2002 and by April she was back with her ex 'Days of Our Lives' co-star, Victor Webster, for an episode of 'Mutant X'. In between these roles she had a small role in George Clooney's directorial debut, 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'. When her 30th birthday rolled around in early April, George had thrown her a party and the media went nuts for about two weeks! The two were an item they speculated but word coming out of the Rat Pack said what everyone says - they're just friends, of course!

During all this action in the first few months of the year Krista was in a pilot for NBC called 'Zero Effect' which is yet to be picked up. It obviously didn't make the 2002 fall season so we'll see what happens. By May, George couldn't handle being involved with the sexiest lady on the planet, so he ran and the media reported that Mathew Perry from 'Friends' had become Krista's new romantic interest. Like a string of other relationships with celebs and others in 2001 and 2002, the relationship with the "Friend" was over as quickly as it had started and Krista settled into her next role. She scored a role in Adam Sandler's 'Anger Management' with Jack Nicholson and Marissa Tomei. This was being filmed all over the country but mostly in New York and Los Angeles. The buzz started by mid year for this role and the release date was brought forward from June 2003 to April 2003 and this will do wonders for her career (here's looking at you kid, we can't wait). 'Confessions...' was released in late December and people had remembered her from a role in 'Smallville' in October, it seems.

Her co-star on 'Smallville', Michael Rosenbaum told E! Online in November that he and Krista remained friends. He recalled how a friend called him up and asked if he wanted to go see some models in lingerie. He thought about it for all of two seconds and said yes. His friend of course was Krista! He was in LA on a break from the Vancouver set of 'Smallville' and because the two had hit it off on the show they became friends.

So we come to late 2002 and Krista is on the brink of much more fame and an even bigger cult following around the world. In December FHM (USA) featured Krista in their January/February 2003 issue with an interview and great photos. Then Stuff mag (USA) named her at the number 9 spot in their list of the "World's Sexiest Women in 2003" in their January 2003 issue. Finally people are starting to work out what her fans knew since the early 1990s! With that we come to the end of 2002 and this biography update. Things are starting to get really interesting and fans are watching with fascination no doubt. Critics say that she has beauty and a great body but little talent. We'll just see about that in 2003 and beyond!

A few FAQs - December 2002

Q: How many times has Krista appeared topless on TV or in film?

A: At least 3 times - in the movies: the 'Emmanuelle' series (count those as one), 'Raven' and in 'Haunted Sea'.

Q: What was her first acting role?

A: As the bikini-clad, "Shelley" on 'The Bold and The Beautiful' (see pix, bottom of filmography page).

Q: How many times has she appeared in film or on TV with Matt Battaglia?

A: At least 3 times - in the movies: 'Raven' (1996) and 'Avalon: Beyond the Abyss' (1999 TV pilot) and on TV in 'Days of Our Lives' (1996).

© 2002, L Ramsay. All rights reserved.

The bio continues for 2003 and 2004 here.

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