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Krista Allen.
To Be Sexy or Not To Be Sexy? That Is The Question. (2003 and 2004).

L. Ramsay
Webmaster of KristaNet
March 2005

This biography update covers the years 2003 and 2004. There is always something going on in Krista’s life so it certainly does not hurt to continue updates once every few years. Basically, in 2003, there was a lot of publicity about a man in her life, an Italian vacation with him and a few movies in amongst some months of quiet times in her career. First though let us take a look at the romance in her life at the time and we will move on to the happenings in 2004 later.

Who was this mysterious man you might ask? Well it was none other than Hollywood’s most mysterious man – George Clooney. He got sick of the sexiest lady on the planet quite quickly it seems during 2002 but that was mostly due to the hype about one of her previous roles (‘Emmanuelle’). I recall that after ‘Confessions of a Dangerous Mind’ premiered, Krista had been at the premiere and was soon posting on Mike’s old site’s forum (now defunct).

It had been quite a while since she had posted there so I seized the opportunity to post some general, mostly career related, questions but with technology being technology she was not able to get the answers up on the forum. At least I did not see them, nor did others. There were other suggestions but given my location they were impractical. Nevertheless it was nice of her to try and I hope that she does not think that I am nuts or anything. They were good questions and she did try to answer them so it is all cool.

For those that are interested these were the questions:

Lyndon's Q&A with Krista Allen

(Covers TV roles and movies in 2002)

Q: So Smallville and Charmed among others last year, cool gigs, any plans for more TV work or are movies more the go this year?

Q: I see Totally Blonde has been re-released, describe the movie in a nutshell and what we should expect to see?

Q: What attracted you to the role of Meg in Totally Blonde?

Q: So do you think that blondes have more fun or is that really a stereotypical view from society in general?

Q: How about your co-star, Maeve Quinlan, what's she like to work with?

Q: Onto to Anger Management, pretty cool role, tell us about your experiences working on this movie with the likes of Adam and Jack?

Q: To other things now, there was some discussion a few years ago about a calendar, is that still in the works?

Q: Currently there are some rumors that you are in "Shut Up and Kiss Me", any comments?

Q: Do you worry about type casting much these days and if so is that why you try a variety of shows and also movie roles?

Q: What do you see yourself "progressing" to within the next 5 years in your career, an action movie, a thriller, directing perhaps? What roles would you like to pursue mostly?

Q: Would you consider writing an autobiography in the next decade or so and then joining the speaking circuit as someone suggested here, in between acting work?

Q: Can you give us any hints about the cool role(s) you mentioned that are coming up (ie: TV or movie and who might be your co-stars)?

Q: Finally, what roles are next for you?

Q: Anything else you'd like to discuss?

So you see they were just general questions. She mentioned that in June she would start filming a role in ‘Tony and Tina’s Wedding’ and then soon after the ‘Shut up and Kiss Me’ role was announced. It is a pity that I did not see the answers to some of those other questions but that is technology for you – things can and do go wrong. There was even a mention on a record company website that Krista had signed a record deal but as far as I am aware the album never eventuated. So she certainly had a lot going on at the time.

Anyway soon after, I recall that, among messages from her mentioning talk show appearances, she mentioned a vacation to Italy. I was concerned for her because the last thing she would need is to go topless sunbathing, for example (which one would do there) in a country full of the most red-blooded males in the world. We all think that Italian guys are cool but they love really beautiful ladies just a little more perhaps than I do and I set my standards far too high some say. Alas the Italian jaunt was not for the purpose of getting mobbed by the guys but to spend time with one extremely lucky guy in particular. This is a guy that owns a nice looking dig on Lake Como and his name is George Clooney. Funny that, I thought he had dumped her just months earlier.

Just to get back to ‘Emmanuelle’ momentarily, in May of 2003 one of Krista’s posts on the forum, just weeks before she left for “some R&R” as she called it in Italy in late May, contained her thoughts on the role. Several message posters had become involved in a catfight about her decision to be involved and this was her response:

“Did I do a cheesy Cinemax series? Yep! Sure did. Am I trying to "hide" it? No. It’s public knowledge. Do I wish (that) I never did it? Of course! Why did I do it? It was 8 years ago. I just got to LA. My manager told me it would be "great" (uugghh) and I honestly didn’t have enough faith in myself as an actress to see the big picture. Do I regret it? I do, but looking back I had no idea, so I can’t be too hard on myself. I'd just like to focus on the present. Life’s to short!!!”
This sort of thing really pisses me right off big time, if I can be excused for saying so. I respect Krista’s opinion above but it was an art piece of sorts and, together with her appearance in ‘Liar Liar’ where most first noticed her, it has been a huge source of fans for her. She has a cult following around the world because of it. That, in the bigger picture, turned out to be a blessing in disguise I strongly believe and who is going to argue with me right (just joking)? It has enabled her to build her career knowing that she has a strong fan base from the States to Australia to Europe and everywhere in between. Yes she has a fine physique but she is not too bad in the looks department also and, from what I hear from people that have worked with her, she seems to have quite a down-to-earth, genuinely lovely personality as well which helps in her overall appeal.

Krista made several appearances in episodes of popular television shows in the last half of 2003. A reasonable number of her fans that do not regularly watch some of the shows that she appeared in (‘Fastlane’, ‘Andromeda’ and the talk shows she appeared on) tuned in because they had become fans after seeing some of her earlier work. I do not think that the ‘Emmanuelle’ series is something to be ashamed of at all, not that I am suggesting that she is ashamed. She may be regretful but think about it for a while.

I am absolutely sure that her critics would point out that she may not have a career in acting if it were not for some of her earlier work. She would not have therefore been involved in the industry if her career had promptly flopped and then subsequently she may have moved back to Texas and would not have met her former husband. That means that Jake may not have joined us, I would not have this website, she would not have met George Clooney and on and on it goes. If her life had taken a different path one can imagine what would have been - if she had remained a teacher and not taken a gamble on Hollywood and the early advice of her manager.

Krista's Maxim photos in 2003

Where Krista’s relationship with Mr Clooney was concerned, to get back to the original topic, well that seemed to be moving along quite fine, for a while. Krista had to come back to the States for a few appearances at movie premieres and on talk shows in addition to magazine shoots. She soon took off for Lake Como again though to join George who was busy promoting ‘Confessions…’ over in Europe. The two based themselves in the cozy little Italian love-nest he has there (photos of which and the lovely couple accompanied a magazine article about there time there soon after).

Krista was quite busy during the last few months of the year. The results of the photo shoots had been released (from earlier shoots for Razor, Stuff and Maxim). If they did not prove my point, that she is the sexiest lady on the planet, then something has got to be wrong somewhere along the line. In her Stuff magazine article for the troops in Iraq, she even admitted that she “can do a pretty sexy photo shoot", so it is nice to see that she knows that she is hot! She was also attending movie premieres at the time, appearing in a play and lining up another one for January, 2004 and appearing on situation comedies. With her career and that of Mr Clooney’s getting busier every day the news that the two had split soon followed.

Krista's Razor photos

Naturally the tabloids would not let this one go, or her critics, who posted “skank” messages in forums about her. This was especially after seeing a new semi-nude shower photo in a magazine (see top of page - the one with a slightly exposed nipple) as well as all the men’s magazine photos around at the time, where in previous years she had mentioned aspects of her sex life, which only added to the disgust of her critics. In recent years she had apparently been involved with a non-famous business professional or two here and there and one or two other celebrities like David Spade but the tabloids could not let it go after her split with George. They reported stories about her rumored dalliances with Mathew Perry, Ben Affleck, Chris Judd and so on. Obviously she needed to get away from being “sexy Krista” and be seen as “normal Krista”. A new show in early 2004 that did not see the light of day until almost a year later may have helped but the tabloids did not forget her and came back to bite in 2004.

Over a period of several months in late 2003 through to early 2004, in Usenet groups and celebrity site forums there were some heated debates about George Clooney and some unfortunate comments arose about Krista. One post about George Clooney's ex-girlfriends, and in particular Krista, mentioned that she is a "freak" who would have sex with anyone who could get her into a "party or in front of a camera", mentioning George and also Chris Judd, who she was rumored to have dated briefly after her first split with George. It is all out there for you to read if you do not believe it but that is what people think of her and there is more.

Krista's Stuff photos

A lot of this stemmed from her nude roles in 'Emmanuelle', 'Haunted Sea' and 'Raven', admissions that an ex-boyfriend has pornographic photos of her and comments like this from her in magazines: "At a pool party, with everybody around, a guy and I had sex in the pool, but nobody knew it." In the Usenet groups, soap fan letters in soap magazines and even in the IMDB's message board people have expressed their thoughts about her "lack of self-respect" with certain, crude, words used to describe her.

This is mostly Hollywood’s fault (from her manager to the film directors). She has been typecast as a "sexy girl" and that is somewhat responsible for the name-calling but that is because she "ballooned in the chest" in her early adult years (critics call it silicon but whatever) and has been able to trade on that and her beautiful looks. Take a look at her filmography and, if you are a fan, you will remember that most of her roles have been sexy characters from "Shelley" in 'The Bold and The Beautiful" to "Maitreya" in 'The X Files' to similarly sexy and beautiful characters in 'Liar Liar', 'Anger Management' and 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'. The problem with that is that it does not last forever and she has to break away from that, if she prefers not to exploit the typecasting in future. Ah such a dilemma, to be sexy or not to be sexy?

Krista's second photo shoot with Stuff in recent times

In the middle of 2003 several websites reported that Krista had landed a role in a reality television show. The rumor was reported on the news pages presented here at the time on KristaNet. The role was to include her son and would show footage of some of her movie and television shoots. Nothing further came out about that until early 2004 and little did fans know that it would spark the whole “sexy Krista” discussions again in January 2005 when it premiered on HBO. As it happened George Clooney had remained in contact with Krista and the two worked together on five episodes of ‘Unscripted’ that were ordered by HBO back in early 2004. The episodes were filmed and only later were more ordered for series one. So at that stage it was a wrap and Krista moved on to launch an underwear range and a “SexBrand” clothing line.

It was after all this that the tabloids let loose with all their stories but one in particular. Apparently, depending on what you believe, a friend of Krista’s former beau, David Spade had described Krista as a “psycho” in the media. The reason for this was due to the fact that Krista supposedly monitored David’s phone calls because of some sort of jealousy. It seems that the poor gal just cannot win, because of her past. This was not exactly a good way to end the year and launch a new show and business, with all sorts of tabloid rumors flying. Even if any of it was true I would still say that the guy was nuts because who would cheat on the sexiest lady on the planet? There is just no need to because she is all that and more! I will get to more of her experiences at the end of this so read on.

Apart from all that, filming the episodes of ‘Unscripted’ and a few movie premiere attendances, 2004 was a quiet year for Krista it seemed. Before the election she was busy volunteering on Senator John Kerry’s campaign team and promoting a “No More Bush” underwear line which is ironic given the double meaning, if I can be excused for that one. It did quite well and sold like hot cakes. She then launched a t-shirt range with phrases like “Wrong side of 30!” emblazoned across the front. Some of these caused controversy in public while others were very popular apparently. She has now reached a point in her life where things may seem to be slowing down where the acting profession is concerned but launching a business career is very wise and she should be applauded for thinking of her future in such a way.

With the last few months of 2004 providing only a few movie role opportunities one has to wonder whether or not she has truly been typecast all these years when she would like to be taken a lot more seriously for future roles. It is hard being sexy in Hollywood because of the continuing work one receives but in ‘Unscripted’, a tongue-in-cheek look at the industry, she opens up the topic for debate. To be or sexy not to be sexy, that is the question? When you are only 32 and do not have several million dollars saved up for your future, what are you to do? One cannot be sexy forever but in Krista’s case it is likely that she will remain so for quite some years to come. Should she continue to take the “sexy vixen” roles or keep trying to get serious roles that demonstrate her acting adeptness in a broader way? She has reached a point where she can ignore the advice of others and her critics and think carefully about her future direction herself!

Once again we reach the end of this biography update but this author is not finished just yet. There is one more subject I would like to cover and that is love. In recent years Krista has done several interviews with the magazines she did photo shoots for. She has given fans quite an insight into this aspect of her personality. I even recall indirectly asking her a few questions on this topic myself around the middle of 2004. I asked a few general questions about what she finds attractive in guys and how she could be treated like a princess. Her response was that they do not have to look like her former Days co-star, Victor Webster (as I asked) but there has to be some physical appeal of course. Breakfast in bed each morning (as I asked) is one way of treating her like a princess. I think I even read something about a fantasy she has about Angelina Jolie so I asked but it is not true. She would only sleep with a gal if she was desperate perhaps but does admire Angelina, so bad luck to guys with any fantasies of their own there. It is no secret that I am totally in love with this very fine young lady and I hope that she does not mind the things that I have said here as it is for the fans. I love her to bits no matter what and I do not even know her so there you go (it is called "blind adoration"). There are a few comments though that she has made though in recent years that I wish to take issue with a little and comment on a few others, which will see this biography update out.

Krista seems to have been mostly unlucky in love over the last seven years or so. There is a guy out there who is an intellectual, maybe good looking with or without big muscles in all the right places if you know what I mean, who would worship her, support her in everything she does and wants to do and would not see any need to leave her for anyone else. Such brainpower, loyalty and commitment can be hard to find but it can be found. In fact I know such a guy so it is a pity that Krista has not found him. Krista’s problem is that her search has failed to turn up such a guy and she has provided examples of this and her reactions in magazines. A few years ago in FHM for example she told the story of the dumbest thing she has ever done for love. After being dumped via answering machine Krista switched to “stalker mode”, visited the guy’s home, found an open door and because she had to use the conveniences at the time anyway, you can work out the rest.

In February 2004 Krista promoted CuervoNation’s "Stupid Cupid Day" as an alternative to Valentine's Day saying that: "Valentine's Day was created to celebrate romance but instead causes more pressure than pleasure." She was on Craig Kilborn’s show discussing it but, compared to magazine interviews, was not quite as forthcoming about her relationships and how they have pissed her off that much that she would promote a series of online anti-Valentine’s greeting cards. She did give quite an insight in Stuff magazine though and that is what I wish to tackle because I do disagree with some of her comments. By the way I believe that some women might find that it can be Valentine’s every day if you are with the right guy.

In FHM, explaining what women want Krista gave a slightly confusing response before commenting on the worst type of guys. The gospel according to Krista is that women want everything including being understood rather than being typecast. That is the whole topic in this biography update and the problems her career is facing now. No one seems prepared to take her seriously. In addition women want companionship but do not need someone to make them happy. I find that to be an interesting comment but I am a guy so what would I know? Then she said that women want honesty but seldom the truth. So if I have not understood her previous comments now we are just getting into complete riddles but she also said that women want equality while being placed on a pedestal. This is the problem it seems - men. “They're consistently little boys, and they need to be nurtured and loved. But at the same time, they need to feel like men. I think men are a beautiful creation,” she said. That may be the case but it sounds like she needs a women running her career as only a woman can understand her emotions and personality and how that can translate on screen in a serious character role.

Those riddles aside the “mixed messages” kept on coming. She was asked what the worst type of guy is and guys who have issues was the response. “Some people have a lot of issues, and you just want to cancel your subscription. You have your control-freak guy who checks your messages and doesn't want you to go out of the house - that's a standard, typical guy,” she said. Funnily enough I had read that she likes to stay home a fair bit and the tabloids last year claimed that she checks the guy’s messages. She also does not like the personal assistant type of guy. So you basically have to be somewhere in between these types. I wonder if guys are starting to get frightened away these days.

Add to that her comments on cheating. Has she ever cheated on a guy? No but the “spin” had it that women are different that way, but she understands that guys think differently she claimed. “They're not geared to being monogamous. They're little boys. The more you tell them they can't do something, the more they rebel against it. I have girlfriends who say, "How can I tell if he's going to be faithful?" And I say, "Does he have a penis?" Well, there's your answer.” That was her response and I say bulls**t! In fact that guy I previously mentioned who meets other criteria does not think like that and there are plenty out there that do not. I am not even suggesting that religious types would not cheat on someone like Krista because some would (most would not) but she is the sexiest lady on the planet so why would you bother, that is what I am saying so there are guys out there that would never cheat? No amount of temptation can make some guys sway from a commitment to a soul mate. It depends on how you are brought up obviously.

Anyway let us finish with some of the lighter side of Krista. The most attractive quality in a guy is knowledge. “I'm a firm believer that it's not the way you look or what you have, but what you've got inside. That can make the least attractive person on the outside the sexiest mother f**ker in the entire world“, she said. Then the perfect date would be “on a beach with a guy, wearing nothing but a silky bathrobe” she continued. That would certainly be very tempting to most guys I would agree, because it is Krista we are talking about here. So there you go guys just do not use pick up lines as that goes against the intellectual quality she admires in a guy that has it. I cannot believe that anyone would use them anyway. What ever happened to the word, “hello”? The funniest thing she said in the Stuff interview on this question was the guy that said, "I'd love to f**k your brains out, but it appears someone beat me to it." Somehow that one sounds like an insult. Ah the trials and tribulations in this beautiful lady’s life. God bless Krista Allen! The question now is where too from here - serious or sexy? We will soon see no doubt.

Krista as she appeared on
the 'Unscripted' official site in 2005

Biography continues with 2005: An Unscripted Year. Click here.

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