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2005: An Unscripted Year.

L. Ramsay
Webmaster of KristaNet
January 2006

Krista at a public appearance in September 2005.

The SexBrand logo This biography update will start in February of 2005 but come back to January later where there is more detailed discussion of a television series that Krista starred in at the time. For now though let us start with a summary of what happened for the rest of the year. In February Krista launched SexBrand. This is a t-shirt company with various messages like: “Wrong Side of 30!” for example. A year later and she has changed the name to Super Excellent Tees. The shirts were popular with celebrities when she wore different ones to public appearances.

Anyway back in March of 2005 though, Krista appeared in a pilot for Fox, called ‘Head Cases’, about lawyers that are a little bit loopy. The show went to air later in the year but was axed after just two episodes. Krista made a string of public appearances between the show being filmed and airing. She and Jake went to the Nickelodean Kids Choice Awards in the first week of April. Photos of Krista on the red carpet are in gallery three by the way.

Not much happened until September when free screenings of ‘Head Cases’ in Los Angeles, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Madison, Minneapolis, New York, Seattle and Washington failed to attract enough interest for suitable ratings for ‘Head Cases’ in September. The reason that not much happened over the summer months was due to the fact that Krista spent three months living in Lake Como in Italy with you know who – Mr Clooney.

A month or so after she returned home Krista attended public appearances promoting a variety of causes and movie and book releases. Krista attended the "Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story" DVD Premiere and was also at the "Hollywood Hussein Book Party" which was hosted by Author Ken Baker. Soon after she was at the "UBid And Hollywood Stars Launch Auction For Hurricane Victims". She looked absolutely gorgeous as always (see photos below) and that basically was it for 2005. She made another television and movie appearance later in the year (both of which will be seen in 2006) but that was all that came her way in 2005.

Getting back to January of 2005 and this was when ‘Unscripted’ started airing and several points of interest for fans could be noted from this series. In the first episode of ‘Unscripted’ Krista lands a job promoting an alcoholic beverage. That had critics up in arms at the time which was back in early 2004 when the scene was filmed. This is because it supposedly does not set a good example for her son who is getting to an age when he is starting to understand the effect of people’s actions more. In a scene soon after she was trying on a swimsuit for a photo shoot. I got the impression that she felt that she was being exploited and this seemed to be the whole theme of her scenes in this series. She wants serious acting roles but seems to be paranoid, some might say, that her body is of more interest to people than her stunning face and acting skills.

In that same episode she showed her son the ‘Stuff’ magazine photos and she seemed to be a little embarrassed. He seemed to be proud but she was probably thinking about how much teasing in school he will encounter. At the end of the episode she was lying in bed (minus clothes) with the “also-ran” acting coach character sitting on the floor next to the bed using the telephone. Children in school are only going to call her a skank in front of her son with scenes like that whether it was real or “unscripted”. Similarly, as seen in episode two, she claimed that she would rather have done ‘Emmanuelle’ any day and have gone on to work with Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler as she did because it is a step forward in her career rather than a hindrance to an extent. It is holding her back a little bit because of typecasting and it does not help when people are more interested in her son when he auditions for roles as one scene in the episode indicated. He appears with her at public appearances on a regular basis so that might be why – he is getting his name out there just as much.

Some scenes from her appearance in ‘I’m With Her’ and ‘Jake in Progress’ were shown in the series and she played sexy characters there. Then ‘Playboy’ offers her a cover shoot worth $200 000 which really annoyed her. It is hard to tell how much of this series was scripted and how much was not but she does find it quite difficult to avoid the sexy characters and associated gigs. I still believe that she is the sexiest lady on the planet but that claim is something I will address further here later. It is much easier for her son to win a role here and there as he has done but it is difficult for Krista with the "sexy" tag and it is easy to see her frustration. As Krista said in episode two her role in ‘Emmanuelle’ was “like the James Bond of the soft-porn world because everyone has seen it for some reason” and I am quite sure that she now understands why – everyone thinks she hot but that will not get you serious acting roles, will it?

There were some slightly amusing scenes where her son, Jake’s auditions were concerned up until episode four. One lady told Krista that Jake should have plastic surgery to pull a crooked ear back. Krista said that she loves him just the way he is. So much so that when he was later told that he failed an audition because he was not funny enough, Krista swore at the wrong person in front of British film director, Sam Mendes who was hiding in the corner of the room. Amusing to some maybe but it is a pity that she was not auditioning for something then. She was soon seen editing her show reel down to about a minute and a half to remove all the sexy characters where possible. It was a tough process because that is mostly what her characters have been. Now if she includes that swearing scene she might have something there now :-) She was obviously frustrated and you could see that on her totally gorgeous face in that scene.

For Krista, being exploited is not something she has become fond of but I suspect that she sometimes sees it as a necessary evil in her career. There were two stories in the fifth and sixth episodes that were being followed that focused on her body. One was a scene where the bikinis came out and she thought they were for her when they were not and the other was a scene that just totally focused on her body. Everyone was ogling her and she was not wearing a bra so that did not help. That seemed to be going on quite a lot in the later episodes including a shopping mall scene where she was not “properly supported”. I wonder if she does that often or if it was the idea of Mr Clooney or perhaps Mr Soderbergh? It is probably not really a problem but I felt that she may have been exploited in a small way at least, especially given that she wants serious roles so this would not have helped.

This brings me back to the compliment that I regularly pay her. It is only meant to be taken as such but throughout 2005 I sometimes wondered if she would not be at all pleased if she knew that the webmaster of one of her fansites was saying that she is the sexiest lady on the planet, when she is trying to secure serious acting roles? Everyone thinks that she is hot and sexy and she is beautiful but that is no help if you are trying to be taken seriously. I love her gorgeous face and all but I have also quite enjoyed much of her acting work over the years. She has done a very good job in some roles. It is a pity that casting people find that hard to see. You would even expect that other thespians would have some appreciation for the struggle that Krista faces.

In episode nine of ‘Unscripted’ that loveable rogue, John Lovitz asked her to appear in his stand-up comedy act as a hot babe. She initially declined but later turned up to find that her assistant was keen to do the job (they were having lunch together when he approached them with the idea). Now of course I suspect that actors do have a better appreciation than that and I am sure that it was all set up for the show. At least I hope it was because Krista told him that she was into music and “plays around” and that she is trying to move away from those “sexy character” roles but that she had an underwear line out in the marketplace at the time. I am sure that Mr Lovitz could see more jokes in that than he made though.

Those amusing little situations made it an entertaining series and I am glad that Krista was in it. It gave me a better insight even though I knew that some of it was not really “unscripted”. At the end of the last episode Mr Langella’s character, Goddard “the also-ran acting coach” Fulton said something that all people should remember.
“Find the thing in you that is original and unique and celebrate who you are. It is your individuality and your originality that will make you a success.”
I find that to be quite profound where Krista is concerned. Over the years I have watched so many actors struggle in bit parts for more than a decade. Then they hit it big with one appearance and become an “overnight” success. I have then watched some of those people take a fall publicly or go through plastic surgery to extend their career only to see it flop. Maybe I am wrong in complimenting Krista on her beauty all the time when it may not help her career at all. Maybe I see however, that the thing that is original and unique about her, that she should celebrate, is that she is one rare, talented beauty. A beauty blessed with great genes that many men for example spend a lifetime searching for and never find. A beautiful person is more than just looks though.

The fact that she is quite a good actor and is also a compassionate person (her charity work proves that) helps (with her looks) to make her a beautiful person. It all combines to make her an individual who stands out in an original way rather than as a carbon copy of many other struggling actors in Hollywood. I believe that these qualities will make her a success one day but looking back at an extensive twelve year career so far, perhaps she already is a success and Hollywood just does not know it yet. She is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets, with a cult following around the world. In 2006 she has more magazine photo shoots lined up, more public appearances and more movie and television work coming out and she just secured ownership of her official site which is back up and running where she will promote her business interests. It is all happening but it is certainly time for Hollywood to reveal its best kept secret to the world on a much bigger scale!

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