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June 2008

Krista has landed a new film role just over a month after finishing the filming of her scenes in the last one. 'Shannon's Rainbow' is currently filming in the Ohio Valley General Hospital. It is low-budget film about a girl and a horse named Rainbow that becomes a racehorse. The cast includes Michael Madsen, Claire Forlani, Charles Durning, Stephen Colletti, Eric Roberts, Krista Allen, Jason Gedrick, George Lopez, Steve Guttenberg and Scott Reeves. More information when available.

Since the last news update on this site, 'All Along' (Krista plays Sara, the therapist) started screening in late March (it was at the DV & HD Film Festival, for example, in LA and some of the stars attended a Q&A session to promote it).

Another movie mentioned in the last news update - 'Strange Wilderness' - was released on DVD just recently. And shooting for 'Final Destination 4' - which started in late February - is just starting to wrap (Krista finished shooting her scenes recently). In fact, according today, "main-unit principal photography on 'Final Destination 4 was completed Friday" and a a second-unit production team was at Mobile International Speedway in Irvington over the weekend to "shoot a pivotal racing accident scene that propels the unnerving plot of "Final Destination 4".

A couple of weeks ago, published their account of a set visit. The writer mentioned that the movie's location was the least expensive to film in at the moment (not surprising after Katrina's devastation there) and they are shooting in High Definition (not an inexpensive task). FD4 will be the first live-action 3D horror film to be shot in High Definition, in fact.

Without trying to spoil the movie too much, for those that have not read the article, two key points to look for in the movie are the movie theater explosion and obviously the car crash at the racetrack (apart from a few hundred locals that were extras, the rest of the spectators are CGI folk). According to, part of the trailer they saw "ended with a shot of a bloodied-up Krista Allen having a huge car engine dropped on her with the cute catchphrase, something like "Coming at You in 2009."

February 2008

After a news item was published on recently, more than a dozen major movie sites have reported over the weekend that Krista has been cast in New Line Cinema's Final Destination 4. Many of these sites have mentioned that Eric Bress wrote the screenplay and that David Richard Ellis will direct the movie. It will be shot in 3D and filming starts this month in New Orleans.

The cast includes Shantel VanSanten, Hayley Webb, Bobby Campo, Nick Zano and Andy Fiscella. The storyline revolves around a premonition of a racecar crash that actually saves the lives of a few people, until death comes stalking them. Critics are already panning this script and the cast. With a $43 million budget to recover, it is expected that the movie will be out well before Christmas.

A movie that Krista filmed a year ago, called Strange Wilderness opened in more than 1200 movie cinemas at the beginning of February. Its box office takings in the opening weekend were just over $3 million.

In January, an old film starring Krista, called Meet Market was released on DVD. You can read more about the movie on this page.

News in 2007

August 2007

Krista will be appearing in the pilot for 'Held Up' for Comedy Central. Her character (a supervisor) is the boss of the main character (a completely bored bank teller) and she is both hated and lusted after by him. Previously, Krista was in a pilot called 'Business Class' for NBC.

May 2007

A preview of Krista in 'Fast Cars ...' can be found on Youtube. More information has been posted on

March 2007

On March 12th, Krista moved temporarily to North Carolina to begin the process of filming a reality television show set to air in the Summer. It is called: 'Fast Cars & Superstars Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race'.

It stars tennis champion Serena Williams, bullrider Ty Murray, WWE champ John Cena, singer Jewel, actors William Shatner and Krista Allen, football pro John Elway and football coach Bill Cowher, skate dude Tony Hawk, surfer Laird Hamilton, model Gabrielle Reece and TV host John Salley.

Speed trials took place at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, N.C. NASCAR drivers, including Jimmie Johnson, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards and Kasey Kahne served as tutors. According to a report in TV Guide online (March 13th), Krista's time was one of the fastest. Go Krista!

News in 2006

November 2006

Krista is a regular now on 'What About Brian'. Her first episode starts today.

September 2006

Several quotes from 'Feast' reviews are on the Feast page.

Earlier in the week Krista attended a CD release party at Miahaus Studios in Los Angeles, for Justin Timberlake's new album. A photo is in the gallery. The thumbnail below will open a larger image.

The 'Feast' DVD release is on October 17th. The movie's theatrical release was limited to late night session times in 200 cities.

Krista started a film and television production company this year. There she is involved in writing and producing. More information will be available in the coming months.

She has joined the cast of 'What About Brian' for seven episodes in the next series. This starts October 9 on ABC. She was recently interviewed by ET, Extra and was also on Carson Daly's show (for an episode to air next week).

Some of these interviews involve her shirts. She is involved with MySpace for a concert benefit that her shirts will be a part of. She will offer an exclusive shirt to Invisible Children. Kitson (see is also doing a launch for her shirts next week.

Have you seen Feast? What did you think of it and what did you think of Krista's performance? Share your thoughts in the forum.

The trailer is available here on KristaNet on the Feast page.

August 2006

The wait is nearly over! Very soon the whole world will be able to Feast their eyes on Krista in a horror movie. As reported in an update below, Dimension Films is to release 'Feast' in September. A press release this week is now available along with the accompanying poster on a new Feast page here on KristaNet.

Krista spent a few days in Delaware in late July shooting scenes in the independent film, 'All Along'. Her scenes were filmed in and around Newport, especially in the Drass Insurance Office building on James Street.

The movie is a comedy about a 40-year-old married man who needs help understanding fantasies that take over his life. Krista portrays his psychologist who helps him to understand why the fantasies are very real and what he really wants in life.

Just a week before this, the gossip columns had Matthew McConaughey chasing after Krista. The two had been seen together at a party in Malibu and he has sent flowers and emails regularly since, so the gossips say. He even let her play his bongos apparently (at the party)!

June 2006

According to an article on this week, Krista was in Lake Como recently to hang around with friend, George Clooney. Krista was supposedly seeing Jeremy Piven up until May while her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Mr. Clooney has been busy dating Linda Thompson, according to tabloid reports. Believe it or not!

The photo below of Krista with Jeremy Piven was added to Gallery 3. Click thumbnail for a larger image.

This week Dimension Films has confirmed that 'Feast' will be out on September 22nd of this year. There have been several false starts over the last year but the Project Greenlight production is definitely on its way.

February 2006

The trailer for 'Feast', in which Krista plays Tuffy, is available

Krista is auctioning her Super Excellent shirts on ebay this week.

Last year the world's sexiest lady, Krista Allen ranked number 29 on AskMen's list of the Most Desirable Women. This year she is at number 88 on the list which was published this week.

January 2006

The biography has been updated with a new page. Click here. It is called "2005: An Unscripted Year" and looks at what Krista did throughout the year in her career and personal life.

For several years Krista's official site was in the hands of various internet entrepreneurs until it became available last month and Krista secured her ownership once again. Since then it has been up and running again at where you will soon find news, a newsletter opt-in, merchandise store, multimedia and more.

The filmography has been updated with two new roles Krista worked on late last year.