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Now: 2007 - 2010


  • TV: Love Bites filmed on October 20th - playing "Janine" in episode #1.2 to air in 2011 on NBC.

  • TV: Life Unexpected filmed in early October - playing "Candy" in episode 'Homecoming Crashed' (#2.09) on November 16, 2010. Photos: LUX album in photo gallery.


  • TV: Denise Richards: It's Complicated, as herself doing comedy in episode #2.05, Funbags or Die. Aired on E! July 7th, 2009. A clip is on YouTube.
  • TV: The Philanthropist - playing "Julie Carson Rist" in:
    • episode 1, "Pilot" on June 24, 2009 on NBC.
    • episode 2, 3, 4: Was not in these episodes at all.
    • episode 5, "Kosovo" on July 22, 2009.
    • The wiki has a page about this show here.
  • TV: Dirty Sexy Money - playing "Dana Whatley" in episode #2.12 The Unexpected Arrival and #2.13 The Bad Guy to air on ABC on Aug 1st and Aug 8th, 2009. Information about the episodes is in this article and photos are here.


  • TV: December: Denise Richards: It's Complicated - role: Krista as herself in episode #2.01 Vegas Baby. Aired on E! on June 7th, 2009. You can see photos of Krista in the episode here in the gallery and watch the episode through this YouTube search result.
  • TV: November: Jesse Stone: No Remorse - playing "Cissy", to air in 2009 on CBS.
  • Movie: October: Locker 13 - playing "Patricia".
  • Movie: Silent Venom (aka Recoil) - playing "Dr. Andrea Swanson" - straight to DVD in June 2009, more information and a video clip is here and photos here.
  • TV: July & August: The Starter Wife - playing "Eve".
    • Episode 1: The Forty-Year-Old Virgin Queen, Episode 2: Mollywood, Episode 3: The Remains of the Snow Day, Episode 4: The Diary of a Mad Ex-Housewife
  • Movie: June: Shannon's Rainbow - playing "Jessica".
  • Movie: March/April: Final Destination 4. To be released in theaters on August 28th, 2009 as The Final Destination. Her character was known as "Ally Rozcos" until August 2009 when it simply became "MILF/Samantha".
  • Movie: January/February: Feast 2: Sloppy Seconds rumored to be reprising her role of "Tuffy" but was not in the movie.


  • TV: December: Cashmere Mafia - playing "Victoria". Episode aired early January 2008.
  • TV: August: Held Up. Pilot for Comedy Central. Krista plays a bank supervisor.
  • TV: March: Fast Cars & Superstars — Gillette Young Guns Celebrity Race. Reality show on ABC - aired in early June.
  • TV: February: Business Class. Pilot for NBC. Plays "Lori" (a Sales Representative).
  • TV: January/February: What About Brian. See below.

Since then: 2004 - 2006


  • TV: September-December: What About Brian - role: "Bridget Keller" (a Real Estate Agent). 7+ episodes to air from November 20th on ABC.
  • Personal: Took time out for 6 months to set up production company and expand T-shirt company.
  • Movie: March/April: All Along - playing "Dr. Sara Thompson".
  • TV: February: Freddie - playing "Kaitlyn". Episode screening on ABC on March 29th, 2006.
  • Movie: January/February: Strange Wilderness - playing "Krista". Her scene is a job interview. It ended up only on the DVD extras.


  • Movie: December: The Third Nail - role: "Hannah".
  • TV: November/December: Out of Practice - played "Kathy Kelly" in episode: "Restaurant Row" (episode # 1.14) to air in 2006.
  • TV: March: Head Cases. Pilot picked up by Fox to screen in September 2005. Plays "Laurie Payne". This was axed after one episode.
  • Movie: January: Feast - played Tuffy. Horror movie to screen on TV in 2006.


  • TV: Late 2004: Jake in Progress - role: "Lisa" in episode "Take a Number" (episode # 1.7) - screened 31 March 2005.
  • TV: Late 2004: Monk - role: "Teresa Telenko" in episode "Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas" (episode # 3.14) - screened 18 February 2005.
  • TV: The Screaming Cocktail Hour - played a singer.
  • TV: March: Unscripted - role: herself. To screen in January 2005.
  • TV: January: I'm with Her - role: "Jennifer" in episode: "I'm Not with Her" (episode # 1.22) which screened on April 27 2004.

Since the early years: 2000 - 2003


  • Movie: Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding - playing "Maggie". Released in 2004.
  • Movie: Shut Up and Kiss Me! - playing "Tiara Benedette". Released in 2004.
  • Movie: Meet Market - playing "Lucinda".
  • Movie: Paycheck - playing the "Holographic Woman".
  • June: TV: Two and a Half Men playing "Olivia" in episode: "Did You Check with the Captain of the Flying Monkeys?" (episode # 1.6) 27 October 2003.
  • June: TV: Frasier playing "Liz Wright" in episode: "The Placeholder" (episode # 11.5) 14 October 2003.
  • May: TV: Just Shoot Me - playing "Mary Elizabeth" in episode: "The Last Temptation of Elliot" (episode # 7.19) 9 August 2003.
  • January: TV: Fastlane playing "Sky" (Skyler Chase) in episode: "Offense" (episode # 1-14) - February 7th, 2003.
  • January: TV: Fastlane playing "Sky" (Skyler Chase) in episode: "Defense" (episode # 1-13) - January 31st, 2003.


  • November 2002: TV: Andromeda - role: "The Princess" in episode: "The Illusion of Majesty" episode # 3.19) 21 April 2003.
  • September 2002: TV: Smallville - role: "Desiree Atkins / Alison Sanders" in episode: "Heat" (episode # 2.2) which screened on October 1st, 2002.
  • April-July: Movie: Anger Management - co-stars Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Due out in April 2003.
  • April: TV: Zero Effect - pilot for NBC/Warner Bros: not yet picked up.
  • March: Movie: Confessions of a Dangerous Mind - Out late 2002, co-stars George Clooney.
  • February: TV: Mutant X - role: "Lorna Templeton" in episode: "Deadly Desire", screened on 5/11/2002.
  • January: TV: Glory Days Ep: 'Missfortune Teller' - played a psychic. Screened January 30th, 2002.


  • December: TV: Friends - role: "Mabel" in episode: "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel" (episode # 8.12). Screened January 10th, 2002.
  • November 29th: TV: Inside Schwartz - role: "Kelsie Anders" in episode: "Comic Relief Pitcher" (episode # 1.5).
  • September: TV: Spin City, ep air date: October 23rd. Played Charlie Sheen's date for the night - just a few lines playing "Jesse" in episode: "Yeah Baby" (episode # 6.6).
  • July: TV: Charmed on the WB network. 2001/2002 season, three appearances as "The Oracle" in eps 4.1, 4.2 and 4.7.
  • June: TV: Arli$$ on HBO. Screened on August 12th. Played "Krista" in episode: "Hard Choices" (episode # 6.10).
  • Movie: Face Value - role: "Syd".
  • Movie: Totally Blonde - may have started filming in late 2000.
  • TV: Appearance on the Lover's Lounge - Thursday May 10th, on the Game Show Network.
  • TV: Baywatch Hawaii - role: "Jenna Avid". Role completed in February - show axed.
  • TV: CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) - role: "Kristy Hopkins" - uncredited but played a pro. Episodes filmed in January (called "I-15 Murders" (episode # 1.11) 1/12/2001), role completed in February (with episode called "Boom" (episode # 1.13) 2/8/2001).


  • Movie: Sunset Strip - role: "Jennifer".
  • TV: To Tell The Truth - Daytime game show on NBC (in some states) & UPN, started September 18th, 2000.
  • TV: 18 Wheels of Justice - TV series on TNN. Role: One-off appearance as "Jessica Macy" - an investigative reporter.
  • TV: CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) - role: "Kristy Hopkins" - uncredited but played a pro. Filmed in April but show started October 6th - Pilot episode # 1.1.
  • TV: The X-Files - Episode: "First Person Shooter".
  • TV: Baywatch Hawaii - role: "Jenna Avid". Trivia: this was meant to be filmed in Sydney, Australia originally, in December 1999, but became Baywatch Hawaii.

The early years: 1995 - 1999


  • Movie: Avalon: Beyond the Abyss - Pilot TV movie, role: "Katherine Harrison". Screened November 5th, 1999 on UPN.
    • Photos: Gallery - 1 | 2 | 3
  • Movie: Sunset Strip - role: "Jennifer". Released in New York and Los Angeles in August 2000, and on video February 2001.
  • See 1996 role on Days. Recurring status until November.


  • See 1996 role on Days.


  • See 1996 films as some were released in 1997 and then see 1996 role on Days.


  • TV: September, Days of Our Lives - role: "Billie Reed". (Note: Replaced Lisa Rinna and continued in role until November 1999. This show is also known as 'Days' for short when spoken of). Photos: Gallery - Krista in Days album
  • Movie: Raven - role: "Cali Goodwin".
  • Movie: The New Adventures of Emmanuelle - role: "Emmanuelle". Note: In Australia and some European countries the titles vary and examples are shown in brackets next to the Stateside titles.
    • Emmanuelle 1: Queen of the Galaxy (What is Love?)
    • Emmanuelle 2: A World of Desire
    • Emmanuelle 3: A Lesson in Love (The Education of Tasha)
    • Emmanuelle 4: Concealed Fantasy (There’s More to Love than Sex)
    • Emmanuelle 5: A Time to Dream
    • Emmanuelle 6: One Final Fling
    • Emmanuelle 7: The Meaning of Love
      • These are 90 minute movies and are rated for adult viewing. They are available for rental throughout Europe and Australia in some video stores, and to buy through retailers. They were screened on TV in the States, where you can buy the series through various video retailers (same applies in some Asian countries).
  • Movie: Haunted Sea - role: "2nd Mate" (Note: also known as 'Ghost Ship').
  • TV: Minor roles on: Married With Children, Pacific Blue, Diagnosis Murder, High Tide from January to April (release months).


  • TV: Minor roles on: High Tide and Silk Stalkings in November and December (release months).
  • TV: The Bold and The Beautiful - role: "Shelley". Note: This was the role some say started Krista's career. In Europe this show is also called 'Top Models' (France), 'Beautiful' (Italy), and 'Glamour' (most other countries). Stateside it is also called 'Bold' for short when spoken of. Photos of Krista as Shelley: Gallery - 1 | 2
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