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Welcome to the Krista Allen Reference Wiki on

This small wiki contains a filmography page and pages about some of the movie and television productions in which Krista Allen has appeared. There is also a links page for multiple celebrity sites and others with Krista Allen biography and filmography details.

To go to the KristaNet home page, visit the forum or view photos, use these links:


What's happening?

  • Krista will appear in Life Unexpected on November 16, 2010.

  • Krista makes fun of her Emmanuelle work in some stand up comedy on Denise Richards: It's Complicated in episode #2.05, Funbags or Die, which aired on E! July 7th, 2009. A clip is on YouTube.

  • Twitter - Krista joined Twitter in June 2009. You can see her Tweets at DearKristaAllen.

  • Krista's movie Silent Venom is out on DVD from June 2nd, 2009. A clip is at this YouTube link. Photos are in the gallery here. This wiki has a page for the movie here.

  • Krista can be seen in Dirty Sexy Money in the first two weeks of August on ABC. Photos are in the gallery here.

  • Krista returns to primetime in The Philanthropist in the winter 2009 lineup. Article here on KristaNet. This wiki has a page for the show here.

  • Krista is in The Final Destination in theaters August 28, 2009.

  • Inspirational Women in the Entertainment Industry: Krista Allen - Danielle Turchiano's chat with Krista Allen in January 2009 for You can read more here.

  • Krista filmed a role in early November on a CBS TV movie called Jesse Stone: No Remorse which will air early in 2009.

  • A Boobs For Obama video with Krista at the end is available here on YouTube. Right click here to download the higher quality MP4 version (9MB file size).

  • The mentions that Krista is filming Locker 13 in late 2008.


  • Krista was in 4 episodes. An interview between her and I'm Not Obsessed, from early November 2008, about these episodes is in the forum. An earlier one is available on The Starter Wife page here in the wiki.
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